Stop this crap


BJP’s Lok Sabha member Navjot Singh Sidhu, got convicted of brutally assaulting and murdering an innocent stranger. The victim’s only crime was that he had parked his car in the wrong place and it was too much for Sidhu to accept. After 18 years of haggling the case was finally closed and Sidhu was convicted. Since I believe that celebrities are not role models…. I do not care.

But what I do care is:
1) BJP is a two headed hypocrite. (Shibu Soren)
2) If Sidhu is serious then he should put down your papers. else keep your mouth shut and lie low. Do not try to take a high moral ground when you do not have any.
3) Acknowledge that you are illiterate and cannot read what the rules say and compose a simple letter. If you want, even a 5th Standard kid can help you out in this endeavor.

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