Guest post by bijal shah
The utter stupidity of building a 27 floor residence worth US$ 2 billion and mostly have servants living in it;
The cunning of buying stakes at almost every big media company in the country so as to control it;
The facade of involving Sachin Tendulkar for the promotion of their laughable social outreach programs;
The ridiculousness of buying children Aston Martins to be driven only on jam packed Mumbai roads at 100kmph, while killing some people;
The arrogance of bullying people into submission while signing one dodgy business deal after the other, where society & environment don’t matter;
The outrageousness of a Z level security cover with CRPF commandos, not to forget the insecurity and guilt involved with it;
But guess what, NDTV says he is one among the “Greatest Global Living Indians”. Every other boy on the street of Mumbai wants to be a “Mukesh Ambani” one day.
A lot seems wrong with society and its power structures today…

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i tried your way and well, it left a gap and it wasn’t what i was looking for. so i went for this….feed-links { clear: both; line-height: 2.5em; mrigan-$startSide: 13px; font-size: 0%;}…added the “font-size: 0%;”. lol. i don’t know anything about CSS and this is as far as i can go. lol.thanks btw.

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