Guest post from T.R.Ramaswami
That’s what we should call our security because it sucks. The other day I drove into the multi-storey parking lot at Inox, Nariman Point. I was asked for my licence and they also opened the boot of the car. After parking the car I took the lift down and walked out of the mall with my brief case. No checking because I was walking out. Then on my return I was asked to open the brief case and I was also frisked/ checked by the metal detector. But no one checked the brief case or the inside of the car when I drove into the complex! What is this half-baked security? The problem is that we think that putting a uniform on an illiterate, installing metal detecting door frames and frisking people is security. There is a lot more intelligence needed even at the ground level. Let me recount a story.
A man used to walk out of a factory everyday on his cycle with a sack. Everyday the sack was checked thoroughly. This continued for more than three months but nothing was found. One day the factory owner told him – Look, I know that you are doing something wrong but I can’t find out. Let me know and I will make you security chief. The man said – I was stealing cycles.
– T.R.Ramaswami

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