Round the world ticket

Warning: This is a personal post, not the regular stuff of E-Nagar.

I am finishing my MBA on 13th March 2010. Like a bird that has spent his last 2 years inside a gilded prison I want to travel and explore the world. These are the places I want to go:

1. Melbourne
2. Johannesburg
3. Cairo
4. Istanbul
5. Mexico City
6. Hong Kong
7. Shanghai
8. Kerela
9. And lot more

I know for sure that if I don’t take this trip now, the next time I will be able to would be after 35 years maybe more. Star alliance, along with its partner airline, is able to give me a good deal on the flights and I am tempted to buy their tickets. However there are a lot of serious concerns that I have.

In the past, I applied for visas from USA, Singapore, Thailand, S Korea, Taiwan but it took me more time, trouble and money to obtain one from France. And this makes me think will it be a good idea to apply for a VISA from 15 countries. How much time will I have to spend at the embassy?

About the finances, I think I should be able to obtain a bank loan at 11-12% interest rate. This along with some of the money I had saved from my previous stint in gambling, stock market and betting should suffice for another 3 month long vacation.

Next and most important concern is a partner. No one in their right mind can take this 3 month long wild goose chase alone and I am finding it real hard to find one. The most optimistic reply I have received is that “there is an 80% chance that I won’t be able to make it to this trip”.

Probably it’s because of this I will either not take this trip or take a short trip to 1-2 country as a consolidation prize. I have been planning this trip (with different itinerary every time) for 4 years now, but every time had to put it off because of one reason or the other. Maybe it’s like the Hajj, there are 100 reasons why one should postpone, but when one is mentally ready he finds a way out of all the troubles.
Anyways the reason why I posted it here is because much like in the movie ‘Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain’ I would feel happy if someone else would live my dream or even better inspire me to take the journey.