Guest post by T.R. Ramaswami
The MoD appears very happy that they have pinned the “responsibility” on the navy chief and now all that remains is to pick the next bakra who has the chance to stand up to MoD or turns out to be a Baa Baa black sheep who knows how to say “Yes sir yes sir three bags full.” What is happening in the navy has vindicated the former army chief’s letter – the armed forces are woefully short of replacements and spares just to run their ships, tanks and planes, let alone new weaponry. China and Pakistan must be having a good laugh. Antony may want to sport a clean image, but if a clean image is at the cost of the country’s security, he is barking up the wrong tree. And he must know keeping his shirt and dhoti spotlessly white and clean is an indication that he has surrendered internally to the babus and externally to the nations on the borders. After all, white is the most shameful flag in the armed forces, used only for indicating surrender. The Raksha Mantri who will not even be able to defend three stumps, let alone a country has surrendered in the interests of his personal image. And here is the latest joke in the armed forces – Antony is the only Defence Minister who passed out in the National Defence Academy – literally when he fainted and had to be carried out in slow march by 4 soldiers. With “defsenseless” ministers like this, who needs enemies? Don’t worry Saint Antony – after Mother Teresa, you will be the next Indian up for canonization – if India still exists.