their confidence shakes me

1) This pair of love-birds have been together for quite a long time and understand each other so well that they usually complete each others sentences.
2) The guy is typical, indifferent with the fact whom he settles with. All he hopes that he should be the first love of his wife (unfortunately he is not her first love but he did not care that either)
3) The girl loves this guy; her parents do not reject this guy. However they say she deserves better (well he is educated and has a good job, attractive looking too. BUT you know parents… )
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I was tried to reason her against her decision of going for an arranged marriage.
I got a answer…..

1) Marriage is a relationship of 2 families and not just 2 souls.

2) Every relationship has ups and down. When there are good, you do not care about the world, but it is at the time of downs that you look forward for support. What I fear is that when I look forward for it, my parents might say “I TOLD YOU SO! I know this is going to happen ….” and his parents will not have that sense of belonginess for me. They might feel “ Sadak se ladka kisi ko utha laye tab bhi manna padta” (We are compelled to agree even if our son selects any random bride)

3) When two souls live together, love is bound to happen. I am sure within a few months I will forget all about “present guy” and devote myself fully to the husband.

The guy is adamant. He says, she has to take the decision and he will support and respect it as if it was his decision only. I cannot force my love on anybody.

Both of them are sure of what they are doing, but I am wondering “Is it a matured thought of these two love-birds or another relation is breaking prematurely.”