China: bike grip

Driving a bike in winter is always an issue
1. clumsy gloves: the thick gloves often slip and makes it difficult to maintain the grip on the handle.
2. Fat fingers: the insulation pads often make it difficult to operate buttons
3. chill & wind shear makes the ride uncomfortable. Whats worse is that with the hands pointed in front, the wind leaks from the cuffs and freezes the whole arms.
Chinese innovation to keep hands warm and yet not have fat fingers warm grips to ensure fingers are warm in snow[/caption]
However Chinese solved this problem in a simple, yet innovative way. These inexpensive grips ensures that the hands stay warm, yet agile even in the thickest of the snow.


It’s not a helmet stand

Have you ever wondered what percentage of the 2 wheelers don’t have one/both side view mirrors? For the remaining who have them often use the mirror as a place where they can hang their helmets and hence don’t bother it to aligning them properly.
However the interesting point is that this does not stop these 2 wheelers to take dangerous zickzack turns in the streets to take advantage of every possible gap between 2 moving vehicles. Often they don’t bother to use turning indicators and expect the traffic to brake suddenly so as to prevent crushing these bugs.
‘What you don’t know can’t hurt you.’ Well that does not mean that you impair your visibility and take high speed blind turns and rely on the alertness and benevolence of the person behind you to ensure you return home safely.