Who own's the brand

I read a wonderful article in firstpost today

Great brands do not belong to companies and consumers. They belong to society. They are the tears of the troubled. They are the smiles of the satisfied. They show the broken. And the mended. For that really is what life is all about. They are meticulously planted fillings in the cavities of every culture. And they have a duty to perform. They must be the bugles that announce the change.

It just reminded me of how in the 80s people revolted when Doordarshan changed Chitrahar changed its format people made hue and cry. Similarly trains used to to stop during the airing time of Ramayana. In the USA, when Coke managers tried to change the flavor of its beverage, the entire Atlanta was on the streets protesting.
Even today, Facebook, Google & Apple actually try to gauge the customer reaction(backlash) before changing their strategy. They even claim that sometimes it takes precedence over the business benefits. ¬†Walt Disney has actual PR Managers for some of their leading cartoon characters to manage how kids & fans react to their decisions. The list is endless…
However I am wondering which Indian brand has a widespread connect with its customer’s emotions? Do we really have an iconic brand which the masses relate to? (of course I am not talking about Cricket or Bollywood)