Diaper choices

I usually bought diapers from the nearby store which offered very limited collection. So I used to check for the baby’s weight and I got 3 choices (Huggies, Pampers and poko-pants). I then used to check for the price per diaper and picked one that fitted by budget. On a friend’s recommendation, I went to D-Mart (‎) just to discover that there are more than 30 different diaper makes in the store. Even the popular brands like huggies & pampers have 3-4 different variants. Not to mention the different pack sizes & combo offers. There was so much choice that a simple 10 second job of picking the diaper took me good 20 minutes. End of it I was wondering when did all this choice and time for selection stopped being productive?
What was more troubling that unlike cars/tvs or white goods there was no chart as to what features does each diaper has, under what condition which option is better. International brands does not even give a comparison between its variants nor they keep the price points so far apart that the consumers know that this is economy, this is popular and this is premium product.
For those non-parents who are still wondering what this musing is all about: A diaper is a considerable expense that will inflate your weekly grocery bill like crazy (since you need 4-6 of them daily). Also you need one that does not leak or spill (for obvious reasons) and one that can stay dry for long durations esp. overnights. After all you would not like your kid to be surrounded by shit and feel discomfortable.