A Call of Honour – In service of Emergent India

Mr Jaswant Singh

Ex-Foreign Affairs Minister

Cabinet Ministry of Govt. of India

I did not understand your rationale behind what you said in the yesterday during your book release “A call to Honor – In service of Emergent India” So allow me the liberty of paraphrasing

  1. Did you answer to that call of honor, because one of the duties of a foreign affairs minister is to prevent the CIA infiltrating in India?
  2. All of a sudden you intend to speak to the Prime Minister, but you did not seek appointment. Nor have you revealed his name/details. I hope you realize the urgency of the issue.
  3. Are you sure your so called mole is real, and not a fictional character who is spicing up your otherwise boring book and get some free publicity?
  4. Are you a court which can decide if is worthwhile to book him for being a spy?. Of course by condoned his actions for 10 long years, you destroyed all hopes of damage control.
  5. BTW, by withholding this information for 10 years, you have become an accomplice in this spy network and are eligible for life imprisonment. (section 176 Indian Penal Code)

Updates: on 1st Aug Manmohan Singh cornered Jaswant in Rajya Sabha and asked him the specific question about the identity of the alleged mole. Jaswant Singh blabbered for about 120 minutes without giving any specifics. When Congress interjected and asked him to end the story, BJP proved that all this was a cheep plot of getting attention by getting the house adjourned.