American communication style

cultural sensitivity
cultural sensitivity

Dealing with Americans is a little bit tricky because of the impatience they generally have.
1) Conversations are expected to start with all cards on the table i.e. its expected that you would give them an ‘index table’ of all your upcoming points
Ex: In our meeting today, we want to talk to you about A, B, C and D. Starting with A………..
2) Expect to hear a lot more sarcasm and confrontation with an American than you are used to in a business confirmation
3) While we tend to view conflict in a business conversation as unprofessional or somehow bad, Americans tend to view it as another aspect of communication.
Remember, this is where “It is not personal, just business” originated
4) While we are used to not expecting a straight answer or decision in the first meeting, Americans will gear their entire communication towards doing business in the shortest possible time
5) They like to lawyer up very fast and have detailed explicit contracts. If anything is not there in the contract, then its not applicable. Americans are typically more transactional & focused on the deal. While Asians are more relationship oriented and would like to do business because they they think favorably about you.