World’s Most Reputable Companies

This week’s economist had published this list of world’s more reputable companies.
I was surprised to see that inspite of all my claims of being aware of the world, etc etc, I knew the existence of only 9-10 companies in the list. I have seen no advertisements, nor have ever used any product marketed by a majority of them.

To see how other people react, I showed this survey around and asked people what they find most startling about this survey
1. A majority of them felt happy that Tata (thanks to Nano, Chorus etc) is in the list.
2. A few questioned the relevance of putting a Chocolate Manufacturer and a furniture retailer in the list.
3. What surprised me is that even though almost all of them were not aware of many of the companies in the list, they were nor surprised of this fact.

Are we Indians so ignorant (and worse accept our ignorance) that the fact that we are not even aware of the presence of these reputable companies?