not so smart-phone

I reluctantly upgraded (or downgraded) my phone to a smart phone, only to realize that the phone that the performance has deteriorated in all the parameters for which i use the phone.
1. Battery
2. rough use/impact test/childproof
3. no of key strokes it needs to perform simple action.
If my hands are soiled.. the touchscreen does not work. (push buttons of old still work perfectly). If i recieve a phone call, rather than just press accept, i need to unlock the phone and do all sorts of gestures before i can pick it up. Making a call also needs 5-10 key presses before the phone pad emerges.
2 years ago, I had written for a small but growing market of users who want an aesthetically appealing expensive, yet simple phone with a good form factor. I guess apple has captured bulk of this market with iphone eye-candies. Many chineese products have better technical specifications, features and lesser price.. yet people prefer i-phone.
Either the way I use the phone is drastically different from the masses or the geeks designing phones are not listening to the customers… but there is a disconnect.