Guest post from T.R.Ramaswami
All terrorist attacks in India except the Malegaon one are by Muslims. This has been confirmed by no less than a Muslim Minister in the Central Cabinet – Abdul Rehman Antulay. By stating that there was a conspiracy theory because those who were eliminated were investigating the only attack carried out by non-Muslims, he has confirmed that the other attacks were by Muslims. There is no need therefore to be apologetic or secular and state that terrorists have no religion.
However instead of the conspiracy theory it would be more necessary to investigate the “foolishness theory”. Without discounting the contributions made during their careers, let me submit that the three senior police officers died because their training was inadequate and they broke every security protocol possible. What was the Chief of the ATS, essentially a post event investigative body, doing on the ground, chasing terrorists in a jeep? Why were seven men packed, giving no room to manouvre, in a police jeep that can be identified miles away? Why was the best shooter, the one man with the best reflexes and maximum experience in encounters, driving? They were aware that the terrorists had AK-47s. What did they have? You cannot counter superior weapons unless you have a 4 or 6 times number of people. When you are inferior in weapons and number the only way to counter the opposition is to split so that the terrorists have to watch a wider range. With so many tactical errors it is no surprise that they were eliminated and in fact they did not even have time to draw their weapons, while the terrorists were able to pump three bullets into each. Television images show Karkare trying on a helmet, finding it unsuitable and removing it. Was he wearing one when he was hit? Unlikely.
Many are right stating that these were brave men. Yes, but what is bravery? Like all human attributes, bravery is a mixture of several ingredients – ego, foolishness, ignorance, desperation, etc. Your brain undergoes a chemical transformation that disables logical thinking. A “brave” man jumps in an enemy pillbox and eliminates 10 enemy soldiers. But the truth could be that he thought there were only 3. Would he have jumped in if there were 10? That’s why the army does not take into account your gallantry awards for promotion. There is also another maxim in the army – the bravest of deeds sometimes have no witnesses.
– T.R.Ramaswami