Rahul is greater than Gandhi

Guest post by T.R. Ramaswami
Way back in 1947, after independence Gandhi wanted the Congress to be dissolves as it had achieved its purpose. His idea was that free India should find its own political structure. But Nehru did not want this to happen as he wanted to use the Congress as his personal fiefdom and with Gandhi’s death just five months after independence, he had no more hindrances.
However the INC was the INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS only till 1947. Its legacy and leaders belong to all political parties except the Left. From 1948 to 1964 the INC was the INDIAN NEHRU CONGRESS. Then for a short time it reverted back to its original status. Then from 1967 to 1990 it became the INDIRA NEHRU CONGRESS. Then for a short time it was the INDIAN NOBODY’S CONGRESS. And finally in 1996 it became the ITALIAN NETA’S CONGRESS.
But now another Gandhi is set to succeed in what the Mahatma had failed to do. He is dismantling the Congress state by state. And his deadline is May 2014. Let us wish him the best of luck.
Please hail Rahul – the false Gandhi is set to achieve what the true Gandhi could not. A true Bharat RAT-na!!!


some terms we used

Someone asked me to describe the various terms we use for the words looked jargon to them. So I am creating this entry into the blog:

Khalistan movement: The separatist movement in Pakistan esp during the time of Indira Gandhi. It was largely sponsored by Pak and NRI and it tore the most prosperous state of the country into the bloody battle. The movement led to assassination of the Prime minister and was brutally crushed by the police and govt. Refer for more details.

Naxalbari village:

The juhi chawla and anil kapoor movie was Beenam Badshah had to search for this
amazing huh what our bollywood directors can turn up with.


India is a peace loving nation?

Well we are as much peace loving as USA..

I always wondered why none of the neighbors on India (except Bhutan) support us in the international community. Digging a bit deep I find:

1) Sri-Lanka: we bred, supported and armed the LTTE and pushed the country into civil war which lasted for decades.

2) Bangladesh: We for them, liberated them from the oppressors in Pakistan (atleast our history books say so) yet when there is a match between India and Pakistan, I see more Bangladeshi support for the green flag. Indira Gandhi actually nurtured and armed MUKTI BAHINI for the liberation of bangadesh

3) Nepal: we are arming and training the dictator army who just recently over-threw an elected democratic parliament.

4) China: we are regularly fighting for the seat in the UN council. Due to opposition for communist governments, the state of Taiwan got the permanent Veto powers rather than the communist china. India is said to be the forefront campaigners who helped China to get back its seat. Yet there is no mention of reciprocating this favor.

5) Afghanistan: We were hand in glove with Russia in establishing and running the unpopular communist regime there and burnt our fingers.

6) Pakistan: no explanation needed.

7) Myanmar: read the papers there. Every other day you hear about Indian’s violating there territorial rights.

8) Sikim: we were supposed to be the protectors of this small hill state. But alas we gobbled her up.

Please correct me if I missed any neighbor.

Haven’t you ever wondered, there is no country who thinks highly of us or whom we have done some good. I wish someone catches the foreign affairs ministry for an explanation.