Khalistan Movement

On June 06 of this year during the anniversary of the martyrdom of Guru Arjan Singh as well as that of Operation Bluestar in the Golden Temple once again the shouts for Khalistan came up. Akali leader Simranjit Singh Mann and Jagjit Singh Chauhan lead the procession of separatists who captured the stand and started demanding for the independent state of khalistan. We also had the bomb blasts in Delhi which are now being attributed to the Babbar Khalsa International (BKI). Weave them together there is the danger of khalistan movement starting up again.
Golden Temple – Demand for the Khalistan Movement
Operation Bluestar
So where are we at present?
What will happen if the khalistan movement raises its head again. The militancy in Punjab may again come to the forefront. With friendly enemies all round us.
The Panthic Times
Khalistan Affairs
The biggest problem however is that is khalistan the view of the majority of the people in Punjab or just some random separatists. Interesting to note however the demand for the separate state dies out as soon as the political party dedicated to its formation comes to power. I mean the Akali Dal of course.



some terms we used

Someone asked me to describe the various terms we use for the words looked jargon to them. So I am creating this entry into the blog:

Khalistan movement: The separatist movement in Pakistan esp during the time of Indira Gandhi. It was largely sponsored by Pak and NRI and it tore the most prosperous state of the country into the bloody battle. The movement led to assassination of the Prime minister and was brutally crushed by the police and govt. Refer for more details.

Naxalbari village:

The juhi chawla and anil kapoor movie was Beenam Badshah had to search for this
amazing huh what our bollywood directors can turn up with.


The Great Divide

The British had a policy a policy which we decry and yet follow to this very day.
Divide and Rule a master-stroke of the British which has laid to ruins our country. We are a country of various religions, communities, people. But what are we really composed of. Groups of people who are ready to fly at each others throat at the slightest reason. And i am not talking about religions only. Communities, neighbors everyone is spoiling for a fight.
Thanks silverine for reminding us of our internal struggles as well. Who can ever forget operation Bluestar. Where there really militants in the Golden Temple ? Was there an arms cache?
The Indian government would have us believe so. The Sikhs involved in the Khalistan movement would have us believe there wasn’t any. Can we ever really find out what happened that fateful day? Would the coming out of the truth really make a difference ? I don’t think so. To both the questions in fact. For a really simple reason. A person who has made up his mind isn’t going to change because the truth will always be questioned. It will be questioned so much that it will no longer look like the truth, but a rumor a rumor will become the feeling of the people. Why because it is easier to believe what you feel rather than accept the truth.

We believe in what we are told. What we feel are the prejudices we are engraved with during our lifetime. What is right and what is wrong does not come naturally to a child. It is taught that by society. Even our prejudices come from there. Maybe not verbally but through actions of people round us.

I am rambling again :P.
There is a huge divide in our country itself which we haven’t been able to breach in the last century. Worse it is steadily growing. Our country is divided into states. Each state which is a country in itself if you look at it. We are always squabbling with each other. Over water, land and what not. There is a divide between the north and the south. The east and the west. All over India these divisions exist

Punjab – The Khalistan movement. Common knowledge says it has died out. I have never been to this lush green state. I don’t know whether the movement has completely died out in that state or whether it is still alive. If it has died out is it because of desperation or belief that it can lead to no good or because they believe in the Indian dream. But all this is really bull shit in my view. The patriotism of these people cannot and should not be questioned. They have proved themselves over and over again. They are a major part of our identity.
yet the Khalistan movement exists. If not in out country then definitely in the US and Canada. people here still hold the view that one day they will have their Khalistan.

North-East – The Naxalite movement – What started out as an ideal turned into violence and which has lost the congress most probably the state of West Bengal for ever. The naxalite movement started out in the hotbed of Bengal. Young people with an ideal in mind. With the belief they could change the country. Make it perfect. They had an idea of equality. Passions burned high and the movement which started out in the village of Naxalbari turned into bloody violence. The congress stopped the movement with a brutal hand ensuring that they never again rose to power. The naxalite movement has spread all over India now. Its not as powerful as in those days but is still there. Their greatest presence can now be seen in the North East which is sadly the most neglected area of our country. Someone somewhere must be wake up.

More later right now I have to work sorry