Devolution of man

Everybody has seen this famous picture highlighting that men spend millennium in learning to stand upright but over a few years it gave all up to end his lifetime crouched in front of a TV or Internet .

However recently I believe its not only our lifestyle that has changed, but also our communications.
Not so long ago, people used to spend years learning grammar, proper spelling, right use & context of the words. Schools used to teach students how to write an essay and letter. How to open, how to close and what to put in the body of the text. Following these Victorian era rules of language was a sign of good up-bringing, culture & social status of the individual. For a telegram, people paid for every character (and it was 100 times higher than what we pay for sms), yet telegrams were written in immaculate English.
Then came online chatting which destroyed the sentence composition. People forgot what has to be written in capital and what is a verb and even add punctuation.
SMS ruined the spelling. I wonder if the elite team that decoded Enigma (WW2 german encryption) can decipher today’s text messages. Workplace was not isolated. Emails because sketchy and often without any salutations or even ur name. Memos and documents gave way to ppt. Today the media is all about sensationalizing.. 30 second selling to grab the eye-balls.. it does not matter if your rest of the message even contradicts with ur title.
Infographics is the only socially acceptable form of education. I wonder how many of these infographics are any different from the cave painting…. one thing for sure most of them will not survive even a month …. and unlike Ajanta paintings, nobody will travel to see them…. but again why would they have to!
I wonder what will be the next step in the evolution of our lifestyle, language and culture?