Guest post by: T.R. Ramaswami
We have all heard of fertilizer subsidy, fuel subsidy, LPG subsidy and the PM even mentioned that the 2G scam was also a subsidy. But we now have a new subsidy that is self perpetuating – sex subsidy – also called BPL – which will ensure that generations of Indians will continue to be BPL and produce even more BPL candidates. If someone claims to be BPL and cannot even support himself and needs the government to provide handouts then why should such a person be allowed to marry or even have children? So that more people can be brought into this world who are BPL ab initio and will vote for his caste-wallah neta? So let BPL be given only to those who are single and the moment he gets married or has children, he loses his BPL status. And any children, legal or illegal, will not be entitled to BPL subsidies. This should apply with retrospective effect. Children of BPL will not be eligible for BPL. In one generation we will wipe out BPL. That is the only way to end this vote garnering gimmick at the cost of tax payers. Otherwise BPL will only be a government sponsored sex subsidy scheme.