Gay: Its a crime to love in India

This remark was made by a nature & history enthusiastic Thai friend who was disappointed by waves of Indian tourists who treat his country as caligula’s orgy.

“A Thai kid is always told what to do and what not to do. As a result the second they are away from the strict parental supervision, they go on a rampage. Adult Indian are no different. You Indians live a shackled live trying to conform to others expectation. You would marry strangers because your parents want it so, give up art, music & hobbies because your teacher demanded so, buy fancy houses that you cannot afford because your friend did so. When do you get time to live a moment for yourself? Slogging in the office and binge drinking is only because you actively hunt for distractions and forget what mess you have created for yourselves. When you are on the verge of a breakdown, you would catch a solo flight to Thailand and straight away head for a strip club. Why? Because here, nobody is watching.”

Read this account of Indian travelers to Tashkent which also highlights the similar unrestrained sexual indulgence of Indians away from Home. Even Indian women outside change their attire the moment they board the plane. I actually saw a woman changing from Burqua (head to toe black covering) to skirt in the flight to Singapore. It is not uncommon in Mauritius to spot a newly wed Indian woman sporting Chuda (15-30 red, white & silvery bangles), sindoor and a bikini (and one person actually swears she cannot even think of wearing the same outfit in India).

Gay support: To not to be able to love the one you love is to have your life wrenched away. - Vikram Sethi
Vikram Sethi supporting Gays in India and against section 377 IPC

Same sex or opposite sex, its a crime to love in India. Buckling under the conformity to the unwritten social laws many love birds part ways to end up in loveless relationships. Honestly I don’t care what the law says, in India breaking laws is a symbol of power, prestige and influence. What I care about is why are Indians so unhappy? If we spend all our lives pleasing strangers, when we will have time for ourselves?