Guest post from T.R.Ramaswami
I write with reference to the article “Fighting Terrorism: Time for Deeds, Not Words” by Vice Admiral (Retd) Arun Kumar Singh. He has stated that not a single Home Minister or Home Secretary or the NSA, IB or RAW Chiefs have even offered to resign after terrorist attacks that reveal a signal failure of intelligence. The fact is that these bodies have ceased to instruments of national security. Why should these chiefs resign? Every government from Nehru to Manmohan Singh has misused them for purposes other than what they are supposed to be doing. So they have lost the credibility to sack any of these officers. Let alone resignations, all these chiefs are after retirement made governors or some other ministerial level appointment to reward them for the good work done, not for the country but for the party and the individuals therein. None of these bodies are accountable to anyone except the PM and there isn’t even a Parliamentary Oversight Committee. No party or politician wants this because they also want to misuse these organizations when they come to power. How will you otherwise win a trust vote that requires safe houses and a secret budget?
The establishment mafia has ensured their own security at our cost and is least concerned if a few aam aadmis are victims. Contrast the reaction for these bomb blasts with that when Parliament was attacked and the entire western army was mobilized to satisfy the egos of our MPs. 400 army personnel died with not a single shot being fired by Pakistan. In fact even the identities of the attackers have not been made public leading many to justifiably believe that it was a stage managed affair. That’s why there is a hesitation in hanging Afzal Guru.
The media too is equally guilty as it has shied away from asking these questions.
– T.R.Ramaswami

News Thoughts

Interest rate screw up

On one Hand Manmohan Singh is talking about All Inclusive Growth… and on the other hand he is allowing RBI to make rich super-rich… and poor super poor.
Big industry and now government can seek international finance a token interest rate of 5% This economical finance is available to only the industrial giants who can reinvest the money and grow… While common man like u and me, small businessmen/traders need to pay 13-14% to get the same kind of finance… worse still since elite Indian Banks do not cater to the masses.. a lot of us end up taking personal loans at 2-3% pm.

There is a risk of currency exchange rate fluctuations.. but since Indian currency is appreciating, and you are getting finance at 1/3 the cost… I think those who are eligible will not mind taking that risk. This unfair advantage will allow the giant to continue to grow and throw small merchants out of business… Something I seriously oppose…

The EMI rates have risen so high that many people will end up defaulting…. (banks will go under… already most of US banks are under threat due to sub-prime lending… Indian banks will follow them to an abyss.) the demand for property will go down creating the prices to spiral down. this will first cause the reality and real estate companies to go under. then soon the heat will be felt by cement and steel sectors.
Those who do not default on the loans they had taken, will see that after paying double the agreed amount of interest, they have nothing to spare… so the consumerism will actually go down…. hence cooling the entire economy….

The boom in Indian economy is due to consumerism… and not exports…. Everybody knows that, but who will tell the government?

So overall we will go back from BOOM ERA to the HINDU GROWTH RATE ERA… where we had high inflation, negligible growth and all the ills associated with stagnation.

PS: I’d write more, but I have to go earn money for the government to flush down the toilet.


A Call of Honour – In service of Emergent India

Mr Jaswant Singh

Ex-Foreign Affairs Minister

Cabinet Ministry of Govt. of India

I did not understand your rationale behind what you said in the yesterday during your book release “A call to Honor – In service of Emergent India” So allow me the liberty of paraphrasing

  1. Did you answer to that call of honor, because one of the duties of a foreign affairs minister is to prevent the CIA infiltrating in India?
  2. All of a sudden you intend to speak to the Prime Minister, but you did not seek appointment. Nor have you revealed his name/details. I hope you realize the urgency of the issue.
  3. Are you sure your so called mole is real, and not a fictional character who is spicing up your otherwise boring book and get some free publicity?
  4. Are you a court which can decide if is worthwhile to book him for being a spy?. Of course by condoned his actions for 10 long years, you destroyed all hopes of damage control.
  5. BTW, by withholding this information for 10 years, you have become an accomplice in this spy network and are eligible for life imprisonment. (section 176 Indian Penal Code)

Updates: on 1st Aug Manmohan Singh cornered Jaswant in Rajya Sabha and asked him the specific question about the identity of the alleged mole. Jaswant Singh blabbered for about 120 minutes without giving any specifics. When Congress interjected and asked him to end the story, BJP proved that all this was a cheep plot of getting attention by getting the house adjourned.



some terms we used

Someone asked me to describe the various terms we use for the words looked jargon to them. So I am creating this entry into the blog:

Khalistan movement: The separatist movement in Pakistan esp during the time of Indira Gandhi. It was largely sponsored by Pak and NRI and it tore the most prosperous state of the country into the bloody battle. The movement led to assassination of the Prime minister and was brutally crushed by the police and govt. Refer for more details.

Naxalbari village:

The juhi chawla and anil kapoor movie was Beenam Badshah had to search for this
amazing huh what our bollywood directors can turn up with.