Movie Review: Table no 21

I recently watched (on dish TV) this alleged flop movie Table no 21. For the reality tv fans, this bollywood movie is an online game show in which a young jobless couple is chosen and offered INR 21 Cr ($4mn) for answering 10 questions honestly. It started as a mystery gift (foreign travel to a remote island paradise, all expense paid 5 star vacation, luxury jets etc) etc.
However as they progress into the game, they realize that the host (Paresh Rawal) has some ulterior motives. He is trying to manipulate them into witnessing their worst nightmares. Predictably such movies involve sadistic pleasures but the director did manage to connect it with a social message and rescue.
**Spoiler alert ***
The host’s only son is ragged by the couple during their college days and has left him scarred for life. The game show is nothing but a re-enactment of the trauma of ragging and how unknowingly one can do incalculable harm to others.
Compared to the typical masala movie, the script & direction is mediocre. However this is no art movie and for someone , which is an achievement in itself for a movie with a social message.


Movie Review: Shaitaan

Nice concept, realistic dialogues, amazing direction
This movie is about 5 fun loving care-free rich teens who are exploring their wild side. There is no sex or love triangle in this movie which will disappoint a lot of DevD fans. The concept is simple for the first 1/3 of the movie these 5 kids engage in behavior which could be categorized as cool by their peers and self-destructive by their parents. Under the influence of drugs, alcohol and the Adeline rush from high speed chase, they got caught up in a hit & run accident. To cover up the story and pay-off the blackmailers they manage to kidnap. A series of mishaps occur which results in each and every one dying one after another.
It’s a Hollywood style movie shot in Bollywood.