Rahul is greater than Gandhi

Guest post by T.R. Ramaswami
Way back in 1947, after independence Gandhi wanted the Congress to be dissolves as it had achieved its purpose. His idea was that free India should find its own political structure. But Nehru did not want this to happen as he wanted to use the Congress as his personal fiefdom and with Gandhi’s death just five months after independence, he had no more hindrances.
However the INC was the INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS only till 1947. Its legacy and leaders belong to all political parties except the Left. From 1948 to 1964 the INC was the INDIAN NEHRU CONGRESS. Then for a short time it reverted back to its original status. Then from 1967 to 1990 it became the INDIRA NEHRU CONGRESS. Then for a short time it was the INDIAN NOBODY’S CONGRESS. And finally in 1996 it became the ITALIAN NETA’S CONGRESS.
But now another Gandhi is set to succeed in what the Mahatma had failed to do. He is dismantling the Congress state by state. And his deadline is May 2014. Let us wish him the best of luck.
Please hail Rahul – the false Gandhi is set to achieve what the true Gandhi could not. A true Bharat RAT-na!!!