Guest post from T.R.Ramaswami
I write with reference to the article “Fighting Terrorism: Time for Deeds, Not Words” by Vice Admiral (Retd) Arun Kumar Singh. He has stated that not a single Home Minister or Home Secretary or the NSA, IB or RAW Chiefs have even offered to resign after terrorist attacks that reveal a signal failure of intelligence. The fact is that these bodies have ceased to instruments of national security. Why should these chiefs resign? Every government from Nehru to Manmohan Singh has misused them for purposes other than what they are supposed to be doing. So they have lost the credibility to sack any of these officers. Let alone resignations, all these chiefs are after retirement made governors or some other ministerial level appointment to reward them for the good work done, not for the country but for the party and the individuals therein. None of these bodies are accountable to anyone except the PM and there isn’t even a Parliamentary Oversight Committee. No party or politician wants this because they also want to misuse these organizations when they come to power. How will you otherwise win a trust vote that requires safe houses and a secret budget?
The establishment mafia has ensured their own security at our cost and is least concerned if a few aam aadmis are victims. Contrast the reaction for these bomb blasts with that when Parliament was attacked and the entire western army was mobilized to satisfy the egos of our MPs. 400 army personnel died with not a single shot being fired by Pakistan. In fact even the identities of the attackers have not been made public leading many to justifiably believe that it was a stage managed affair. That’s why there is a hesitation in hanging Afzal Guru.
The media too is equally guilty as it has shied away from asking these questions.
– T.R.Ramaswami