Some MIT open Courseware courses I am thinking of pursuing

I was going through the list of universities that have contributed in the open courseware. Somehow I was not surprised that not even a single Indian university has made any contribution. After all One cannot expect the “Curse of Eklavya” (controlling the access to education) to be over so soon.

Satish raised a very valid point:

If government is as much committed to spreading education, as they claim, then why is it that they are never able to print adequate number of Primary School Text Books in time? Worse, Why do they need to copyright it and prevent others from even printing/Xeroxing the first few chapters? (as a stop gap arrangement, while the students are waiting for the official textbooks)

Anyways its been almost 4 years since I have last attended any classes. So I thought I would upgrade my knowledge in few of the areas of my interest:
Introduction to Anthropology
Principals of Macroeconomics
Medieval Economic History
The Ancient World: Rome
The Ancient World: Greece
Writing and Reading the Essay
Financial Management
Introduction to Marketing
Introduction to Operations Management

Some courses which I know i would be interested in, but maybe in future.
Photography and Truth
Introduction to Environmental History

Some courses which i badly need to revisit.
Introduction to Aerospace