In the past 1 year, my journey from an expecting parent to a proud father has been filled with anxiety. Each and every symptom, which might be as little as a sneeze, had to be exhaustively researched online, in books or even through a doctor’s consultation.
Through my research I found that has been one of the most trusted resource & research partner for me. Please use it also if you are a parent (or in the journey of becoming one). They have a weekly news-letter which even educates & illustrates the child’s progress & growth. This way the first time parent is prepared both physically & psychologically for the changes they are going to witness.



Women often say that giving birth is more painful than a guy getting kicked in the nuts. But here’s proof they’re wrong: Sometimes, after giving birth, a woman will say, “Maybe it would be nice to have another child.” You’ll never hear a man say, “I’d like another kick in the nuts.” Case closed!