Casino: One-Time Play chips

Unlike the popular perception, casinos are not all about gambling. One can also go there to enjoy the lights, food, free booze, the shows/performances and the glamour which makes it like a mini-paradise which is open all night.
However there is a catch.
Most casinos have high entry fee (about INR 2000-3500/- in Goa) which they cannot lower because most of it goes to the government. However they do reduce the burden on your pocket by giving you one time play chips of 1500-3000/-. So if you deduct the price of these, then the entry fee is worth one night of partying.
So all you have to do is go to the Roulette table, bet half your money on red and half on black. Just as an insurance keep a small amount on the ‘0’. Collect your winnings and enjoy your evening.