Guest post from T.R.Ramaswami
Why will India never be secure? Because security is a function of discipline and we Indians are the most indisciplined, particularly the law makers and law enforcers. Everyone wants rules for security but would try to avoid following them if it were possible. Here is one simple rule. Let it made compulsory that anyone, starting from the President downwards, who enters a public place – ie railway station, airport, mall, restaurant, shop, public transport, school, college, religious place, public buildings, offices, and certain other designated areas must always have a photo-cum-address identity proof. This can be a driving licence, passport, voter identity card etc. In the case of passport/voter card a photocopy may be sufficient. Let this document be put in a transparent plastic folder and hung around the neck like some companies insist for their employees. The only place where you don’t have to wear this is on the road and in your house. Do this only in the 20 top cities. Too tough? But security is a tough task.
Another aspect of our security is the knee jerk over-reaction after an event. You find gun-toting police everywhere, security metal detecting door-frames installed, frisking, opening of bags, boots of cars etc. In a few days the metal detecting door frames will stop working, the police will disappear and the frisking and opening will reduce to a mere formality. What is required is a sustained, constant, upward moving security drill, with 3-6 months for each stage to be implemented before moving to the next one. With no exceptions. Each one must be announced and implemented with full vigour till the entire process is literally drilled into our psyche and becomes involuntary like breathing. That’s the test of discipline. Let us start by abolishing ALL exceptions to frisking at the airport, including the President, and of course the one and only Robert. Will we have the guts to do this? If not, then don’t even talk about security.