Blocked In Free

These days I am addicted a simple yet quite engaging puzzle game “Blocked In Free“. The free version has about 600 levels (which means that I am more likely to graduate to a second release of the game before I complete all the levels.

How it works:
Much like Suduko, it is based on simple steps but made complicated by the number of variations.
All blocks can move horizontally only and by simple movement, we have traverse the maroon colored block out of the space. No wonder I finished 46 levels in 30 hours.


Males and Beauty (an aberration in the animal kingdom)

Throughout the animal kingdom, male species are generally bigger and more beautiful. Male elephants have tusks; male lion have a mane (hair around the neck which makes the animal looks majestic), peacock have feathers. In birds the males are more colorful and attractive. However this link gets broken in Humans. We are more likely to associate females with beauty than a male.
What is interesting is that male is the dominating sex with a propensity for being polygamous. I am not being sexist, but the male is expected to be the breadwinner, take initiatives in wooing his spouse and take the lead in case of any dispute/show of physical strength. In any other species, with all these burdens, you would expect the males to be more attractive than their female counterparts. Yet that is not the case. An average female is also more concerned about her looks, dressing and manners/etiquettes than the average male. Does it not sound contradicting?
In almost all other species the members would like to advertise attaining puberty. In males these changes are actively being suppressed. They would shave off their facial hair (school kids would ape their father and do it even before it starts growing), cover their genitals (not that I would like a public display) and cover up their chest, arms & legs. Females on the other hand would wear garments that enhances & makes more prominent their breasts and hips. Are women pedophiles or am I missing something?
Hair tends to grow slowly and its color, texture & strength depend on the person’s mental & physical fitness at that time. Hence a waist long hair captures 2 year history of the person’s health, nutrition, age and reproductive fitness. But male are more likely to cut their hair short & wear caps, and hence blend themselves with those who don’t even have strong enough hair to grow it long.
Dancing is another way by which a person could advertise their agility, coordination, stamina, flexibility etc. Here again an average female is a better dancer.
All these contradictions make me doubt the fundamental hypothesis: : In a male dominated species, the male is very competitive and go overboard to advertise his superiority over the other contenders to his target partner.
Any clues? Are males so much domesticated through years of monogamy that they grow beer bellies, fart, puke and say all inappropriate words… all this to prove their partner (the feeble looking, yet dominating species) that no other female in their right mind will even think about them?
Other explanation could be that the rules of the game have changed. Females go overboard with their looks & beauty to attract the desirable men and keep them interested. Men are no longer wild beasts, who rely solely on their health & strength to provide for their family. Unlike animals, men rely more on eloquence, intellect and wealth rather than physical attributes to display their desirability & prominence. After all men are more likely to buy jewelry (or pay for it) for their partners. They would drive expensive cars, pay for the bills on the date, and use expensive gadgets, watches, specs & accessories.


The electrician problem

You’re an electrician working at a mountain. There are 8 wires running from one side of the mountain to the other. The problem is that the wires are not labeled, so you just see 8 wire ends on each side of the mountain. Your job is to match these ends (say, by labeling the two ends of each
wire in the same way).
In order to figure out the matching, you can twist together wire ends, thus electrically connecting the wires. You can twist as many wire ends as you want, into as many clusters as you want, at the side of the mountain where you happen to be at the time. You can also untwist the wire ends at the side of the mountain where you’re at. You are equipped with an Ohm meter, which lets you test only the connectivity of any pair of wires (not resistance).
You are not charged [no pun intended] for twisting, untwisting, and using the Ohm meter. You are only charged for each helicopter ride you make from one side of the mountain to the other. What is the best way to match the wires?


Rabbit and the hunter

A rabbit is in a circular pond and on its edge stands a hunter who wants to catch it.

The hunter can move across the circumference of the pond at 4 times the speed at which the rabbit can swim. However the hunter cannot enter the pond and if the rabbit swims to the surface without the hunter being close by, then the rabbit escapes.

Can the rabbit outwit the hunter and escape?