Duct Tape Driving

So, I joined a start-up in Ahmadabad some time back. We are trying to do something for the rural sector…and no, it is not going to be another N.G.O. Anyhow, marketing basics taught me that if I am to make you interested in what I have to offer, I have to know what you want, directly or otherwise. So to get our marketing inputs, we keep making trips to the countryside, where our customers are.
During our last trip, we had done a particularly torturous route of 50 km on village road, before hitting the wonderful highway. So within moments, we were doing around 150 kph and still cursing the car to go faster and make up for the last stretch. Then IT happened. The front tire blew up, and took the fender panel out with it. In a breathtaking manoeuvre, we managed to stop the car without any accident. After a few oh shits and thank gods, we got to the damage assessment. We had the following situation at hand –
1 car with a blown tire, no right fender or indicator and hanging electrical wires.
1 fender without a car with broken unknown scraps instead of an inner panel.
4 ‘mechanical engineers‘ with a wtf look on their faces.
1 spare tyre, a jack, some duct tape, tools and bolts we didn’t know about.
We got to work. Well, they got to work and I watched. After they replaced the tyre, they started looking at me. No matter how much I hemmed and hawwed, they made me work on the fender with them. After a considerable amount of time, we ended up taking pics or smoking because the damn thing wouldn’t hold. And then, the genius hit me. India runs on jugaad. So can this car. I took the duct tape and taped the wires and the fender. True, I used up a big tape completely but the fender was in place, a true ta-da moment.
Well it ends on a happy note. We reached a mechanic soon who ripped us for the repair works but we had a satisfying dinner. We made it back without any further incidents and my conceited ego got inflated by another 100 PSI. I realized my superpower of jugaad and decided that this super hero could have his great powers without any responsibility.


Basic Courtesy

We went to a resort on the weekend and one acquaintance of mine had a wardrobe Malfunction. Since I always pack a set of spare overalls when on any day long outdoor activity, I loaned him my pair of shorts. What infuriated me is that when after 2 days I asked him for my shorts, he returned them in the soiled condition. Whats worse, he did not even had the common sense to fold it and put it inside a polythene cover or wrap it in a piece of old newspaper.

Cleaning the shorts is not a big effort, but since I do not know who this guy is, I would see this action as a reflection of his upbringing and mannerism. Had he been a close friend, I would have mocked and taunted his actions so that this never gets repeated.

Indian parents treat their kids like little emperors and don’t even spend a day training them how to behave in public and in social situations. Even after graduating from college and spending years in professional life, most people do not know how to behave and talk in front of girls. That it is rude to stare.