Awards & printed signature

In the 18th Century, it was said: “The sun never set in the British empire because its enemies were blinded by the glitter of the medals its soldiers wore”
I am sure there must be other reasons to the British success at that time, but this quote highlights the fact that rewards and recognitions has a huge bearing on the success of an organization. Most people excel only when they work for pride, honor & prestige (not salary). Medals, titles, honors and other non-monetary recognition are a wonderful way to give this much required morale boost.
However for these awards & certificates to have any meaning/impact, they have to be executed in a professional manner. Which surprisingly is not difficult:
1. If you promote yesman, you will end up with an organization of sycophants. i.e. you need to clearly identify the traits you want to promote
2. Selection process should be just. The candidates should be pillars of the trait. Remember an award is known not by its fancy name, but the legacy of the people who have received it.
3. Clear communication describing their achievement & impact to the organization needs to be send across so that it motivates the ranks
4. Public recognition: Standing in front of an audience clapping for you is a reward in itself.
These days a lot of companies are issuing a plethora recognition certificates, because this is what the HR managers have been taught in their MBA schools. The volume of these certificates is so much for a large organization that the signature is printed (rather than be penned down manually). It makes me wonder if they are actually worth more than the paper they are printed on?