Impact of Indians

This week’s economist had an interesting article on Detroit. The opening line really catched my attention. ”┬áCity seems filled with people working for exciting startups, a bit like Silicon Valley but with fewer Indians.” Recently yoga pants are making a fashion statement and forcing every jeans manufacturer to rethink their sales & branding strategy.
The entire world is acknowledging the impact Indians are having world-wide but why not in India?
Living in India, I constantly get bombarded with claims about Indian IT, analytic brain, technology, engineering etc. But is it true? Name one Indian product, brand, idea (developed in the recent past) that has had a transformation impact on a global scale? The usual response is to deflect the question.
I always get reminded of my teacher’s pet phrase: “You guys can achieve anything you want… provided you have the aim, determination & right environment” Not sure which of the 3 ingredients is lacking, but surely NRI or people who have emmigrated are more successful.
PS: Yoga, Ayurveda, Buddism and all the other ancient ideas were long forgotten in mainland India and were re-invented abroad. Hence I don’t give Indians credit for it.