Nudity & gore in TV

Why do HBO series have so much nudity & violence? Exposed breast, mooning, full frontal nudity is a norm. I wonder if there is any episode of Spartacus or Game of throne devoid of them.  The bloodshed & gory scenes of maiming, beheading, corporal punishment is quite unsettling.
Spartacus depicts the promiscuity of the Roman culture. Gladiators & gore cannot be separated. Hence I can understand their story-line.
However Game of thrones is a fictional book (far away from the original story if anybody cares to read.) Why has all the women depicted need to be a whore or use sexuality as a tool to serve their political purpose. What kind of culture & story are they trying to depict. What is the message are they trying to send. Are we so primitive that primal urges of blood and carnal pleasures are the only things that we seek? Isn’t there more to civilization than whores, wines & massacre?


Coming back with web quips

I have often faced situations when I failed to come up with a good retort or comeback immediately, unlike what they show on TV or Movies. You know the type, one character says something insulting to the protagonist and he replies with something that blows the first person’s socks off. So I decided to use the internet.
I figured out if the net can give me info (and porn) it can surely give me quips. Guess what, I was right! I know this idea sounds lame, but check out and Good laughs in both of them, and if you are particularly crazy about grass, check out Wonder if I should charge these sites for advertising…