Babies & travelling light

Flying with the infant is always a challenge. With the stroller, baby bags, diapers, food and supplies for the trip etc. always make me end up paying baggage allowance. We as adults can switch brands & are flexible about what and when we eat. However our kids are not.
Solution: I order baby supplies (diapers, formulae feed, wipes, some clothes and toys) online and get it shipped to my travel destination.
This way I don’t have to carry them in the flight and pay excess baggage. Also I don’t have to face the inconvenience of trying to find a store nearby and hunt for these products. Also many of the products (even from reputed companies) have a localization factor. As a result, the flavor, color and texture might change a little bit. And with kids the closest substitutes often does not work and my worst nightmare would be that it worked so well that my kid would only want that flavor (even after coming back home)
Fortunately for me most E-commerce sites are ready to deliver for free.(or cost less than what airline company charge) Also concierges of reputed hotels are kind enough to hold the parcel for me.
Hopefully this Diwali, I can travel & enjoy for a week without turning into a porter carrying the provisions & supplies.
PS: Please share your tips for baby gear as well (bathing tubs, stroller & bouncer)


ride vs drive

why is it that you drive a car but ride the bike?
you ride in a train, on the horse… but drive me crazy.
wonder what is the rule for selecting drive and ride


ABCD (American born confused desi)

One of the hardest things to be is being a second generation Indian immigrant. The parents still tend to have the same set of values and expectations that they witnessed in India 20-30 years ago, while the fantasy world of Bollywood movies show a kind of society that is quite similar to the west or their adopted country. They don’t realize that Hindi movies are a fantasy land and often bear little resemblance with Indian culture and society, while the parents don’t realize that over the past 20-30 years the culture and values in India have modernized quite considerably.

Indians unlike the folks from China and Middle East try extra hard to mingle with the local population of their new country. There a conflict of the values and culture which they need to have to be cool enough in front of their friends and what they are expected to practice at home.

Most likely it is a short transitional phase which most people in societies facing rapid changes and development face.