Careers & true Company profile

If you want an honest insight about one of the company that you plan to do business with, go to their recruitment portal. Unlike the marketing pitch the recruitment section of the company will tell you which are the major offices, which office does which activity, what are the focus areas of the company (areas where they have a large workforce, areas they are growing in).
Marketing pitches on the other hand will only promise you the moon, they will always project that the company has a large focus in the city and the business vertical that you are interested in. It will project the company to be Superman who can do anything (even though the reality says otherwise)
Job portals are a lot more focused, the kind & number of opening gives solid insights on the business activity that the company does. The location tells you what activity done where, which are sales office and which are delivery centers. The qualifications (and salary offered) give an insight of the quality of labor the company is targeting, experience levels. It will tell you what are the core areas where the company has in-house expertise and what are just pitching points. Some of these insights are difficult to gauge even after a site visit.
Why do people & project what they are not? Why is there a constant need to lie and cook up fables about slaying dragons.