Rarely I have felt wowed, and getting this feeling twice is even rarer, but looks like has broken the record.
Indian retail is rarely known for its customer friendliness or humane policies. In fact some time ago I had written about how the most successful Indian brands thrive & take pride of the agony they cause to their customers. For such a tortured soul, bigbasket is a wonderful change. Cash on delivery & no questions asked refunds are common in e-commerce stores in India (although rare in traditional retail), but this website takes it to a all new experience by:
1. WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) policy: They refund 150% of the order value if they are unable to fulfill the order and meet the customer expectation.
1. Cash on delivery: So that I pay for only what I can see, touch & feel (important for perishable fruits & vegetables). I am attaching the apology mail that they send to me which shows the level of dedication & commitment this firm has.

2. Sanctity of delivery time: Something unheard of in India, this website actually refunded me 10% of the order value for being 55 minutes later than the time that I had asked them to deliver on. They really have taken the same day delivery to the next level

The SLA set by them are so stringent that I doubt any other company will be able to match them. I guess their model of operation is simple, pamper the customer so much that they become loyal customer and a staunch supporter of their brand. I was introduced to this website by a loyal customer and over the past couple of months I have recommended this website to 4-5 additional customers. I guess their decision to divert marketing budget into improving the operations and quality are paying rich dividends.