Guest post from T.R.Ramaswami
How did the bombers sneek in and place bombs all over the place with impunity? Because the Intelligence Bureau was perhaps busy in ensuring the “security” of the government and fixing MPs before the trust vote. This is a fact as even the media has mentioned and publicly congratulated the efforts of the Director, PC Haldar. Is this what the IB is for? And the security agencies know that even if they catch anyone nothing will happen as every politician is looking for minority votes and even more so now since the next elections are not far off. That’s why not a single Home Minister has been sent home or the Chief of the security agencies been sacked. In fact many have become Governors/Ministerial Positions etc for the “good” work done. Historically, it was Ashoka who made us intolerably tolerant. Later this non-violent cult was politicised by Gandhi. Our interpretation of “secularism” in the Constitution has made us a weak and servile nation. That’s why we have had at least 15 serial bombing incidents in as many years. Look at the US, London and Madrid. After the incidents there no one has managed another. How? Because they have caught and kicked the terrorists.
– T.R.Ramaswami