Teacher sprinkles cow urine to ‘purify’ Dalit kids

Here is another incident which reaffirms my stance that a lot needs to be done in the upliftment of dalits. Is asking some self-respect and a right to exist too much?

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I read the article..I see this discrimination in everyday life. The very person who wears jeans and T-shirt in the evenings and goes to the club to play with assorted ppl wears dhothi and “vibhudhi” on his forehead in the mornings and do not allow his domestic help to touch the water he drinks.
Its only in public life that we see civilisation.

yes and that makes me wonder
what has 60 years of freedom meant for these people?
What price do they have to pay before they can get back their dignity?

//Its only in public life that we see civilisation./
unfortunately i do not see that even there… look at the mess BJP created in UP elections.

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