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Teen Patti flaws

For those who have played this famous card game (on which a movie starring Amitabh Bacchan was recently made) would realize that the ranking of the hand (3 cards dealt to the player) would be as follows.

Hand Frequency Probability Odds
Three of a Kind 52 0.24% 424.00:1
Straight Flush/Pure Sequence/Pure Trail 48 0.22% 459.42:1
Straight/Sequence/Trail 720 3.26% 29.69:1
Flush/Color 1096 4.96% 19.16:1
Pair 3744 16.94% 4.90:1
No Pair/High Card 16440 74.39% 0.34:1
Total 22100 100.00% 0.00:1

When there is a tie, then the person owning the highest value card wins. If there is still a tie (in case of the color) then one owning the lowest value card loses. For the ultimate tie breaker, the sequence of the card suits: spade, heart, diamond, and club in descending order of rank is used.
The fact that 3 of a kind are ranked higher than a Pure Sequence is a serious flaw in the game. As we can see from the table, pure sequence has a lower probability, hence should be considered as a superior hand.
To sum up a quote from the Vedas:

Without any fault of hers I have driven my devoted wife away because of a die exceeding by one [an unsuccessful bet]. My mother-in-law hates me; my wife pushes me away. In his defeat the gambler finds none to pity him. No one has use for a gambler, like an aged horse put up for sale

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