Testosterone and social problems

4 years ago, one of my friends laid down the following facts about India in front of me:
1. With 700 Females for every 1000 males in Harayana, the Male to female ratio in India is skewed
2. Mingling of boys and girls (esp. during the teens) is frowned upon.
3. Pre-marital sex is frowned upon and the average age of the couple at the time of marriage is increasing (partly due to push towards higher education)
4. Urban migration is almost exclusively males in their late teens & early twenties. (single women are often not permitted by family to migrate & due to economic reasons (property ownership, child upbringing, taking care of parents etc.) many wives stay back and wait 6 months or so for their husbands
5. Many women are earning better than their male counterparts and Indian male ego & society is yet to digest the fact that female is the breadwinner. Hence they end up as spinsters and don’t date men.
6. Most marriages are arranged and courtship is a taboo. The girl’s family esp. brother will beat you to death in public, if you even uttered a humble “Hi!” to a girl from a different community (forget the religion)
He then asked… “Are you sure India is not a ticking time-bomb?” “Nature has an in-build balance and this artificially imposed chastity will lead to untold social problems.” He was hinting that males are aggressive by nature and are under tremendous biological pressure to seek attention from opposite sex. In absence of a medium to channelize this pressure & aggression, it will soon convert into frustration. This frustration coupled with the 25-30 year chastity would only result in violence and plethora of other issues.
I did not approve of the promiscuous culture of the schools & colleges of France, hence I ignored his case by saying “Yes, India is a living anarchy. I can give you 100 reasons why this country should dis-integrate but it still shines”. However today I am questioning my earlier position.

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