The Busiest Man

Finally finished my MBA. Now I am at home doing absolutely nothing, waiting for my joining date, which is some time from now. I had decided to use the time productively, learn a language or get fitter or at least take a trip around. But then, finally decided to give it up for the lazy comfort and pampering at home…be a complete vella.
During these slow, sunny, idle days, I was having a conversation with one of my friends over coffee. Incidentally, he is as vella as yours truly. He struck up the following note –
“Can you guess who is the busiest man?”
“In India or around us?”
“In India, the world…whatever.”
“Umm…the waiter, the PM…or not, the police. Maybe the bellboy. Politicians, definitely politicians.”
“Nope, it’s the vella public.”
“I believe vella people are defined as jobless.”
“My point exactly. The person with no job is the busiest man.”
“Like the happiest man is the one without the shirt?”
“Huh? I can’t draw that analogy, but ok. The point being, the vella is someone whom everyone takes for granted. Hence, he is assigned the most time-consuming, non-productive, boring and frustrating jobs by everyone around him. It takes up his entire time, and at the end of the day, he has nothing to show.”
“For example?”
“Like…you doing nothing, get in line for the telephone bill, today is the last day. Or, go and receive relative xyz from the airport. Or to top it, drop your cousin for his tuition and then get the exam form for him from the bank across the city.”
“Nice, but do you know who is giving us the dirty looks and wants to get busy?”
“Who cares…ok, who?”
“The waiter. We have been here for over three hours over jus two cups of coffee. I think he is reaching his breaking point. Let’s go.”
“Ok. As it is I have some work to do.”
“What, actual work or the vella style?”
“What can I say; I am a really busy man.”

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