The eighth color of the rainbow

Have you ever wondered what is colour?
As per physics colour is that band of light spectrum(the range of wavelengths) which the human eye can detect.
This band of spectrum is passed to the human brain which in turn ,        helps us to perceive color.
The human eye has three types of cones or colour receptors – Red, Green and Blue(Red , Blue and green are the three primary colours for us). These three types of cones can absorb wavelengths from 420 – 700 nanometres and help us detect about 100 different gradations of colours. The human brain combines these 100 gradations to enable the average human to distinguish about 1 million different colors
But what if our eye can be engineered to detect a wider range of spectrum? Imagine if our eye can have another type of cone to detect more primary colors? This special quality already exists in many animals and some humans, Read – Tetrachromat
Imagine how our new world would be like if we became a tetrachormat or pentachormat or something even beyond?
The rainbow would no longer be of seven colours. The world would be full of new colors and shades. How and with what words would you describe such a world? How would you describe and explain a colour you never saw before. Everything – living or object would look and feel different.
Imagine the impact on culture, art and literature. They would be redefined. All the famous painting of the world would now be fresh. Literature would be at a loss of words. The poetic expressions   – purple rain, green mile; red rose might turn out to be incorrect. The crow might no longer be black.  The grass might not be green now on any of the sides. Pink might no longer be the favourite colour of all the girls.
Imagine the impact technology and fashion. The best resolution monitors would suddenly feel pale. There would now be more shades to permute on the dresses – these new colors would rule the ramp and our minds.
Imagine the impact on our physic. We might initially find it difficult to even identify old and familiar things. We may develop new feelings. We would literally see our old world falling down in front of our eyes and new world takings its place. It would force us to revise the fundamental concept set in our brain. It will make us realize that our perception of things is just a model. There is no absolute truth –
“The sky is no longer blue; it just used to be;
The sky was never blue, we just used to see.”
Perhaps we need such a magical experience to crumble down the rigid walls which have trapped our free will. Perhaps we need such an experience to revitalize, the once considered most important trait of humans – ‘To question something and not believe in it blindly’.
Perhaps we need the eighth colour of the rainbow to appreciate the existing seven.

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honeybees and some insects can see in UV light.. while bull and some mammels can see IR light… i wonder how the world is percieved by them…
BTW u can see a lot of interesting IR images of people and cars

If the power of tetrachromacity is given to humans then it should only be for males. Imagine – all women will want to fill their cupboards with sarees and dresses with the new colours and matching accessories! In fact all females should be colour blind. This will make life easier for those who work in saree shops and also for husbands, who have to accompany them in such ventures. I recall reading somewhere that accompanying wives/GFs for shopping lowers the life span of a man.

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