The elephants…now monkeys

This one is in continuation with ankur’s post on elephants…
A bunch of hungry monkeys were put in a room with a single banana attached to the ceiling and one table underneath.
Every time a monkey tried to climb up the table to reach the banana, the other monkeys slapped it and didn’t let it get to it. They all wanted the banana for themselves, so none ended up reaching it. Soon all the monkeys had given up trying.
Thereafter, half of the group were replaced by new monkeys. The new monkeys tried getting up but the older ones slapped them down. Soon enough, they too stopped trying.
the other half of the original monkeys were also replaced by a new lot and additionally, adequate amount of bananas were attached to the ceiling.
No prizes for guessing – the same routine continued as before. This despite the fact that there were none of the original monkeys and there was plenty of bananas.
Force of habit…

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last time I had heard the story, there was an instrumental learning attached to the story….
the whole cage was sprinkled with cold water the moment anybody reached for the banana… hence the rest of the monkeys would pull that lone rebel down

but ya. how many times we are a prisoner of our own experiences.

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