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The End

Imagine a day when Mother Nature would be disturbed beyond the brink  ,
when Environment would refuse to sustain us any more
and extract its revenge on us.
On this last day ; everything would end, We all would end.
On this day , anyone of us could be left behind to live a few moments
more and suffer the agony of our mistakes a little longer than others .
On this day , anyone of us could be left behind to
remorse the destruction which
we all caused to our planet.and the destruction
which the planet replied to us……………….
For there might still be a green grass bed
Hence I keep dragging my feet ahead
Burning wind beats my skin to death
Air in my lungs sting with every breath
But I keep dragging my feet  instead ,
For there might still be a green grass ahead.
Longs my soul for a flower
Just to rest my eyes;
Longs my soul for a bird chirp
Just to bless my ears.
The forests I still can see
But Concrete grows now for Trees
The lakes I still can feel
But its now dry and Dump-Sealed.
The color of rivers once blue is now so red
Still swim in them the humans but now as dead.
But I do not swim yet;but drag my feet instead ,
For there might still be a green grass ahead.
And now it seems so simple
How we missed it then ;  I dread —
” If trees do not give us food
Industries would  never give us bread “.
And now my time draws a die
No one around but yet I scream ;
Not for help —-
But with  Hope
that now I shall be clean.
But with  Prayer in my heart
That if by chance some human alive walks across my bones
Before he dies , he covers me up just with a few stones.’
But with with Joy in my soul
For in the new place I shall now tread
There might still be a green grass bed.

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Thanks so much Martin – I was not sure how this blog post would be received by readers
Your response has given me encouragement
My attemot is to highlight the drastic effects which mindless urbanization and endless polution can lead to ….

@ Puja – Thanks, I must watch the movie ! !
I only heard of the name –
Thanks – It is a job for this weekend 🙂

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