The first kick

A friend of mine is expecting her first kid and I happened to be around when she witnessed the first movement of the unborn baby. She was filled with pure euphoria of motherhood and wanted to share the moment with me. I felt awkward and politely declined to touch her belly. By this time, her hormones had also normalized and my reaction made her self-conscious and led to a very long awkward silence.
An innocent kid would have not only participated in this event but would have amplified the significance. I, as an adult, only dampened the moment. It was my own inhibitions & thought process that denied me the pleasure of witnessing this wonder of nature. The first movement of the kid is a moment of pure joy where the mother realizes for the first time that a living breathing individual is being incubated in her belly. It’s like an exclusive unveiling of a premier show months before its actual release.
Why have we killed the innocence in us? We have placed innumerable artificial barriers, constraints, conditions and traditions that rarely we are able to enjoy a moment without inhibitions. The stress in our life is building up because of the 100s of man-made filters that block our joy but amplify our misery. All being said, I still don’t know how I would react if I could time-travel back.

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