Guest post from T R Ramaswami
The Congress and particularly the first family that owns the party are shouting hoarse that Modi is a divisive force. However let us examine history a little closely. It was the Congress that agreed to partition the country on the basis of religion because the paterfamilias was in a hurry to sit on the gaddi. Recollect that Attlee had given Mountbatten more than a year to transfer power but he did it in just five months. Why? After dividing the country on the basis of religion the Congress then divided the country on the basis of language. That too has proved to be futile as witnessed in Andhra Pradesh where two segments with a common language are at loggerheads. Then the Congress proceeded to divide the country on the basis of caste with the carrot of reservation, so much that everyone in this country wants to be backward so that they can go forward. In fact there have been more riots and people killed in religious, caste and language clashes during the Congress regime starting with Hyderabad in 1948 – the Sunderlal report is still under wraps. So my dear pseudo Gandhis, please tell us who is the real divisive force in this country?
The Supreme Court has recognized the third gender and has asked for benefits to be granted to the LGBT community. While one can understand benefits to the ‘T’ segment, why should the LGB get any benefits? Further benefits to the transgender segment are fraught with several dangers. Some transgenders are born as such and there are no opinions on these being given benefits and assimilate into society. But everyone knows that there is a criminal mafia, with tacit political support. This mafia kidnaps young boys and brutally mutilates them into transgenders, to perpetuate their community. Now with the top court’s decision this mafia may become even more active and dangerous to society. What safeguards does the court specify to ensure that only those who are born as transgenders are eligible for benefits?

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