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When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember: the fire department uses water.

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Fighting fire with fire one ends up with ashes. 🙂
Have been a passive reader of your blog for a long time now and i must congratulate you on posting some great entries. Keep up the good work.

i have invested in CIL and asked my father to invest in 15 year SBI bonds. although he is facing trouble finding its prospectus and application form.
if u r investing in SBI bonds, then remember that allotment is on first come first serve basis.
i recently made about 6k in the market downswing on friday and monday morning 🙂 had short 1 nifty future on thrusday in anticipation of market fall before CIL. however i had anticipated atleast a 100 more points fall in NIFTY.

yes that is what worries me
that the chairman of sbi says that it will be lapped up in an hour and its the 3rd day is worrying me
hats off to u , man – ur good with ur predictions , the nifty is falling more on anticipation than on actual liquidity tightness

i know yesterday it was oversubscribed 17 times… i wonder when the prospectus clearly states that allotment would be on first come first serve basis… why are people still subscribing …. i thought of doing a post on BASEL III norms, tier 2 capital and explain the risk associated with these bonds… but i guess there is no time

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