Three levels of consciousness

This one dates back to a period when I started having my usual fits of “I don’t know what I want to do with my life”. Someone present at one such occasion described to me that we live in different levels of consciousness…all of us.
Level I is the vegetable stage. People in this stage are those who do whatever the society or the people influencing their lives dictate. They live a life akin to a vegetable grown by a farmer. The farmer spruces, chops, cleans and cultivates the vegetable as he wants, without any say from it. The farmer in this case is the society and the people in this level of consciousness are the vegetable. The very thought that life, or even a part of it, can be led in their own way, never occurs to them.
Level II is the stage of consciousness in which people realize that it is their life, to be led their way. This is the most troublesome stage since you realize that in the jigsaw of your life, there are a few pieces missing but you don’t know which ones. This is the stage when you get fits like I did…and still do. Most of the enlightened people in my surrounding are in this stage. They want to do something, but they are not sure what exactly that something is.
Level III is the highest consciousness and thus, most difficult stage to attain. In it, you are sure of what you want to do and are doing it. The missing pieces have fallen into place and you can look at the bigger picture of your life. I don’t know how to attain this blissful stage. If anyone does, please tell me.

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