A Unique Wedding Card

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A word of advice from my best friend:

Statutory Warning : agar tune mere liye ladki dekhe bager shaadi ki to teri bivi ko hi line maarunga!!

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8 replies on “A Unique Wedding Card”

I adore that wedding card. I’m going to totally use that concept if I ever get married, except his promise will be something like “I promise never to wear your frilly underwear” and my promise will be “I promise I will never forget to order takeaway for dinner”


I have never heard customized marriage vows being taken in Hindu marriages.
there are 7 well documented wows that necessarily needs to be taken, but never heard of anyone adding an 8th one.

ya they are very interesting… 🙂
BTW: when u r in love, you do not need any agreement/vows to govern your conducts.
but then I think too much

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