Unconditional Love

A friend of mine recently quoted…

If you want unconditional love, get a daughter or a dog.

Since I have none, I would be curious to know What are your views on the statement?

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daughter… because a preteen girl always adores her dad… no matter what he does and how bad he is
and i have not included parents…. because as ammar pointed out… some parents do not give a shit…. and others give up after some time on their brats

love is one thing and expressing love is another .
Boys may have difficulty with the latter.
Dogs and Girls have no inhibition in expressing love whatever the age.
Its the same as crying in public. A girl is sympathised with while boys are asked to be brave.

you don’t want to say that there are no preteen gals who don’t give a shit about their dad. But for parents, even if they give up after some time (which does not occur as frequent), the love never dies. The love of the parents is always there whatever you do!!

this was said by a person who is the parent of an adorable daughter! 🙂

but i guess, as u pointed out the quote has a major flaw.
but when i tried to edit the quote to include them.. somehow the line did not look that interesting… but will think about it over the weekend

Yes, Ankur daughters and dogs love unconditionally and forever. It is not about preteens or post teens. “A daughter is a daughter through out your life”. It is not about expressing alone.Nothing wrong with boys, it is just that there priorties in life are different.

Prerna ,
//It is not about expressing alone//
I am just giving my opinion on what I have noticed in our close cirlce.
Prerna..even a girl’s priority changes at different phases in her life.
She takes care of her husband and kids and parents take a back seat.
But since she calls up or visits more, cries while parting , it seems like they are more affectionate.
And ofcourse the expectations differ too. Half the time , parents are worried if the son’s
priority has changed. While they want their daughter’s priority to change.
And what I have noticed is the parents like a kind of dependancy on them .They love it
when they are asked advice , cribbed to and general whining.
We hardly see men doing it…my brother wld sulk but never whine..while I can cry my heart out.
There is just one differnece I have seen , girls have an insight to the needs of elders , while
boys expect a direct approach. They want their ppl to just spell out their requirement.

hmmmm nice fight going on there!!! even here you can see girls has got more expressing ability then guys!! totally agree with Prerna, boys will never be able express their feelings!! crying is the last thing that comes to our mind. but all I want to say is even a guy doesn’t express his feeling, it doesn’t mean that they are not there.

No matter who or who… son or daughter… parents or grand parents…

If they just don’t give a damn on you, then there isn’t any unconditional love…

Is education make people think!
If the education from grand parents to parents, from parents to son/daughter, so on so forth is not proper, the result will be “SHIT”…

@dead man…
ya one should never generalize… shoot me next time i do that

yes the upbringing has huge influence on the character of a person

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