Vaginal Sculpture

I was watching “Everybody loves Raymond” season 6 episode 5. In its raw sense of humor, Marie made this giant statue of a female vagina which everybody except Debra thought was abstract art. Now should one blame the artist for creating this work or the patron for the narrow point of view?
vaginal sculpture

However this opens up a different question. “La Fin Du Topless Sur La Plage?” French Elle 2014 (End of toplessness in French Beaches?). A common social phenomenon of topless sun-bathing, much like community heated steam baths in the rest of the world is on the decline because people link it with feminist movement. Sometimes we have to attach a context to our depictions. The same dress in different social & cultural situations will exuberate different messages. Should you judge it from the displayer’s point of view or from the cultural & emotional point of view of the observer?
Moral police is not always right. Take Kareena Kapoor’s movie Chameli. The same 5m long drape that covers you from head to toe can reveal your identity from a trashy prostitute to a cultured noble woman. Jeans & western tops worn by most college girls in contrast are plain and non-descript. Should the BJP goons manhandle the girls or their celibate cadre for having a dirty mind?
The definition of what is art and what is porn has changed over time. Forget Khajrao, any old temple in any part of India would have topless deities, and depictions that are too sensational even for today’s actress. People pour milk over the Shivling which is nothing more than act of copulation cast in stone. However they never arouse wrong feelings or thoughts. M.F. Hussain’s goddess Lakshmi was vandalized but nobody is etching these stone sculptures. Why?
Who is polluting the young mind? In school, we were administered Rorschach Inkblot Test. The psychiatrists in my school used to say that these are abstract random patterns of dye and the mind sees what they want to see or obsessed with. Sex deprived adults and psychopaths will only see vivid sexually stimulating imagery, while an innocent child will see an animal face or a scene from the fairy tale. Should one chastise the artist for creating the provocative inkblots or the psychiatrist for distributing it to students or the student for linking it with porn? Sometimes (not always) abstract art is like the cloud in the sky or the smoke from the chimney. People are free to draw their own conclusions.

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i have watched that EVERYONE LOVES RAYMOND episode so many times and ive never once been able to “see” what the Barone men AND EVEN THE NUNS COLLECTING IT are so shocked to see when they FIRST GLANCE at it? i tried taping that ep, freeze-framing the pic of the statue and studying closer. nope. nothing. if i squint my eyes then MAYBE it could resemble a pair of extra-tall life-sized legs? i love art, both real-life and abstract, and i dont mind porn either. ive even seen my own best bits in close-up at “befriend your lady-garden class” some years ago! lol. so it cant be that i lack perspective, can it?
it is quite frustrating tho, to watch this rerun on tv repeatedly and find myself thinking (repeatedly) -am i the only viewer who cant see it?? geez.
i never could find wally or see jesus in those magic eye posters.
but this is ridiculous.
i cant even see debras sailboat!

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